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Plotting world domination one word at a time
18th-Nov-2007 07:02 am(no subject)
So, Joss Whedon is now asking fandom itself to help with the writer's strike. Go check it out because, to be honest, if this works it's going to be AWESOME!!! There's no one fandom this campaign is targetting - it's an across the board cry-out to fandom. Basically, if you love your shows (or the writing in them, which is almost the same thing in SO many aspects) and wish to support those who make it happen (or at least half of what you see; IMO writers really are that important) then I suggest at least contemplating this move.

Anyway, Mr. Whedon makes a much better case than I do, so go read his words now.
Writers block - lefty
15th-Aug-2007 08:19 pm - Writing woes (and SPIDERS *squick*)
Lately I've been posting more on my writing blog eclectic_writer than on this one. So far in the past 11 days I've done 12k on a young adult fantasy I'm working on; no outline (those who know my writing have probably realized I don't work with those, they tend to ruin the story for me), few notes as to where it's going (but lots about the world itself), I'm hoping to get it done before Christmas.

After having such a dramatic and chaotic life for a while, especially while down in Mississippi, it's still sometimes strange for me to be this boring. I mean, the biggest thing lately was that my roommate sideswiped my car while backing out of the driveway and now I'll be out of my car all next week getting it repaired (it's a leased car so I need it looking decent). But other than that and the interesting times my dog gives me...nada. Which is probably why I'm actually able to write as much as I am.

Now that I'm writing again I'm itching to dig back into my FF8 fic "Queen's Knight" as well as a few others I'm thinking about in other fandoms (one, "Oubliette" SGA slash Ronon/Radek, is actually outlined and awaiting my time). Of course, that'll dig into original fiction-writing time and I really, REALLY need to finish something just to prove that I can. QK's been going since 2000 and, at 65k words, still isn't finished. Arg.

... ...
Omg, I just killed a huge freaking black widow only three feet from the desk so am suddenly paranoid...
DW - Exterminate
8th-Aug-2007 04:18 pm(no subject)
Good news: I got my laptop fixed and the hinge/bracket that was broken is fixed. Bad news: I now seem to have no sound. WTF.

I will either be burned out tomorrow from no nap or a basketcase because of going to bed late. Either way, I am SO glad it's almost the weekend.
WTF - by grrliz_icons
7th-Aug-2007 08:31 pm(no subject)
When I get an idea stuck in my craw I don't let it go.... until the next idea comes along, at least. So I've been posting a lot over at my writing journal eclectic_writer all week and neglecting this. Bad Sarah.

'Course, other than the fact that my dog digs in everything most notably her water dish, mud, and my bed (in that order), my life's been boring. Except for the writing. And, the critiquing of others' work. And dreading doing edits on what I'm writing now because *shudder* it's a rough draft. A *VERY* rough draft.

Is it normal for a 28-year old SoCal resident to have no life whatsoever? Because if so I'm the most normal chica there is.

Took a 4-hour nap this afternoon, work up at 7pm. Think I'll sleep this evening? Yeah, me neither...

Dogs, barking, hurt head ARG. (ciao!)
Writers block - lefty
6th-Aug-2007 03:46 am(no subject)
So the online critique site I'm part of Critters requires/requests that its members do at least one critique a week. Simple enough, I usually do about 3-4. But the submissions for this week.... Oh, my, god. It's like it's 5th grader week - I can't even get through any of the stories, it's like wading in a vat of slugs. (oh yeah Sarah, brilliant imagery, make yourself sick why don't you) You'd think that'd make it easy to critique, but when I'd rather shoot myself than finish reading any of these entries... *sigh* Mom always taught me when I have nothing nice to say to say nothing at all - don't think she meant it in this context though...

Happy Monday folks, may yours go as well as can be expected for this most auspicious of days.
Writers block - lefty
4th-Aug-2007 06:13 am(no subject)
Omg someone's reviewed my work!! I can't read it yet, I can tell by the first line there's a few negatives. Later, I'll read it later....

I love Chris Crocker, and I don't care that I'm only fan #227088.

There was a time when getting up at 5am would have been abominable to me. Then I got a work schedule starting (work) at 3am. Puts things into perspective.

... ... ... I hate anticipation anyway.
*rushes to read critique email*
Writers block - lefty
3rd-Aug-2007 05:10 am - Suspended!???!


Journal suspended.


EDIT: She's now posting to her GreatJournal account. Seems pretty mellow, although the commenters are venting enough for her.
WTF - by grrliz_icons
2nd-Aug-2007 07:30 am - Yay for short stories being DONE!
Original fiction - I can still do it.Collapse )

I'm scrapping the idea I had for another YA novel that had a girl realizing she had powers and saving the world, as it just seemed riddled with cliches (obvious enough from my brief synopsis?). I had an idea this morning that's more along the lines of Holly Black's books, much shorter, grittier, to the point, and more character driven. Hopefully I can start on it soon but want to flesh out my idea first.
Writers block - lefty
1st-Aug-2007 08:20 pm - Character names
Okay, I need help with a name: The character is an older man who repairs books (many of which are magical), lives in New Orleans, and is fae. He can be jovial when he wants to be but you really, really don't want to cross him as he has the typical fae mindset on revenge. I really dislike his current name but for the life of me can't think of another - anyone have any ideas? I was thinking something old and common, but with a slight exoticness to it...?
Writers block - lefty
31st-Jul-2007 12:15 pm(no subject)
Omg. I just joined The Romance Writers of America (RWA). There's a SD chapter that i'm hoping I can make the meetings of each month.

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps... (that and getting these blasted short stories done arg)

Goals: at least 1000 words a day, whether of prose, world planning, story planning, or just plain brainstorming/venting/arging-about-a-story.

Random note: I need to take a picture of my head. No, not my face, my head - the humidity around here is getting atrocious and my hair is starting to frizz like it hasn't since high school. The afro connections are outrageous, as is the funny redness of said afro.
Writers block - lefty
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